What’s New

Modified – Varsity Start preparing for your Spring and Summer Baseball Season
Winter Sessions to start January 2013.
Open Hitting:
Saturdays TBA

2013 Winter Little League Sessions

Starting January 2013.
Pitching, Hitting and Fielding.
Train now for a rewarding spring and summer Little League Season.
Click Classes then 2013 Winter Little League, for Dates and Time.

Open Hitting
Rent cage time and develop that sweet stroke. One-half hour cage times are available.

Hitting Lessons

Trying to make your Modified Team? The -3 oz. bat is a Huge change. Get a three lesson program to help in the transition. JV-Varsity get some extra swing in on the week-ends. Great way to maintain your swing for the up-coming season. Call for session availability.

Private Lessons
Private Pitching lessons with Coach Schellinger. (drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals)
Call for session availability.

High School Bat Rule Change 2011

NYSHSF has started to implement the new bat rule.
These are the web sites that explains the new ruling and the exact bats that will be legal to use beginning this 2011 season .Hope all is well and have a great spring Baseball Season.
http://baseballexpress.wordpress.com/nfhs-bat-ban/ overall explanation.
http://www.nysphsaa.org/ this link Is the New York Sate explanation of the rule.
All future Bats must display the BBCOR logo.
Hope this helps.

Winter Boot Camp Class Added
Starting January, 2013.
Monday’s and Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00pm
Healthy and great escape from the Winter Blues.
Certified instructors will take you through a rewarding workout.
Come join us. $5.00 per session.

Zumba Class Added
Ditch the work-out, Join the Party.
New Class will be starting TBA
$7.00 per session.
All are welcome.