Elite Pitching Program

Professional Minor League Pitcher Mike Schellinger along with the Fabius Baseball Academy has determined the need to develop an Elite Pitching Program geared toward the dedicated premier athlete that wants to take his game to the next level. With such a huge emphasis placed on pitching and rightfully so, there is no program in the area that will develop and condition pitchers properly to maximize potential and avoid arm soreness or injury that could be career ending at the high school age. Although the program will be grueling you will be conditioned to throw 80 plus quality pitches by the time you go to your High School Try-outs. You will clearly come to understand with this training regiment your ability to maintain optimum performance throughout the baseball season.

Fabius Baseball Academy’s 6,000 square foot facility has a turf field, special daylight lighting, Pro-mounds, large weight training area, professional training equipment and high speed digital video equipment is the perfect facility for any Pitcher Program. You will quickly realize the personal attention given to each athlete as the facility allows only one program to operate in a session. To maximize personal instruction the Elite Pitching Program only registers 8 pitchers per training session.

Minor League Pitcher Mike Schellinger
Mike Schellinger was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals and pitched for three years in their organization. Mike is presently under contract with an Independent Can-Am League.
Mike Schellinger has been training under Major League Pitching Coaches and has developed a Professional Training program to provide the proper overall workout regiment to maximize your athletic abilities. You will be stronger, quicker; have greater pitch accuracy and velocity. This will clearly be measured by your stats throughout the baseball season.

Your desire to play at the next level can be realized with hard work and scholastic achievement.
The Elite Pitching Program will provide you with the most compressive supervised training program available in Central New York. Just supply fortitude and desire.
Please realize you can do all the weight lifting in the world and might not target a single muscle that will help you’re pitching. Pitchers require unique specialized exercises. Elite Pitching Program will provide you exercises and the feed back through results you should feel when exercises are properly executed. No need for costly travel from facility to facility, Fabius Baseball Academy provides one location with all your training requirements.

Parents you may have registered your son on a team that plays in showcase tournaments but without the proper training and conditioning the whole summer could be financially wasted with an arm injury prohibiting showcasing the position you registered for.


Age: 13 yrs and older
Commitment: 8 weeks,
Session: 75 min. per week.
Cost: $249.00

Day: TBA. Time: TBA
Session Limit: 8 Pitchers per sessions.

Typical 75 min. Session

• Dynamic muscle warm-up
• Ply-Metric Stretch
• Quick sprints for heart rate elevation
• Warm-up throwing till arm and body are loose
• Flat ground pitching
• Long toss
• Pro-Mound towel drills
• 10 pitches from full wind-up
• 10 pitches from the stretch
• Rest and towel drills
• 10 pitches from full wind-up
• 10 pitches from the stretch
• Rest
• Repeat each week building up to 80 or more mound delivered pitches
• Medicine ball training
• Core training
• Agility drills
• Pitcher specific Leg strengthening program
• Pitcher specific weight training program
• Arm and rotator cuff drills
• Cool down and pitching strategy discussions