Elite Hitting Program

Fabius Baseball Academy instructors have worked with so many frustrated hitters, and parents we have decided to offer an Elite Hitting Program. Hitting a baseball is probably the most difficult task of any sport. You take a round bat and try to hit a round ball squarely. Realizing there is only a ¼” difference between a fly ball, line drive or week ground ball. When you consider 70% of all fly balls are caught for outs. This is probably the only sport when you can fail 7 out of 10 times and be considered a very good hitter. Most poor hitting has been conditioned into the hitter from poor basic instruction and improper mechanics along with very little practice. Frustration is amplified as the level of baseball is increased sometimes to the point of not playing baseball any more.

Don’t think the school batting practices you are receiving during your workouts are enough to enable you to be a consistent good contact hitter.
Think about how many players coach has to throw batting practice to (if coach even throws, it might be an assist or even a team mate).
Say there is 17 on your team. 10 pitches to each, that’s 170 each round. Coach throws 2 rounds 340 pitches. But you only got 20 swings.
What can you do with 20 swings? You probably have not even picked up a bat since fall ball? How much Tee work, soft toss, wiffle ball, quick stick, wrist rolls, pitches inside, pitches outside, pitches at the letters, pitches at the knees are you doing? Not every pitch is right down the middle. This is reality, hitting requires as much work if not more than pitching and or fielding. Worst of all where can you go train in a facility where all these stations are available at the same time? Yes the Fabius Baseball Academy. In a typical Elite Hitting Session you will have taken as a minimum 48 off soft toss, 60 quick stick, 50 off the tee, 75 off the Iron Mike Arm Machine. 200-250 swings in one 60 minute and that’s not counting wrist, core and arm strengthening exercises. Attending your High School Practice for a week, you may get 100 swings.

The first and biggest advantage to Elite Hitting is using Wood Bats, No ALUMINUM Bats allowed. You will learn to hit in the 3 to 4” area called the sweet spot on a wood bat. It will take some adjustment but your success will be measured in batting average and confidence in your approach. Elite Hitting focuses on solid and explosiveness when connecting with the baseball. No matter whether the pitch is inside, outside, high, low, fastball, curve, or change up.


Age: 13yrs and older
Cost: TBD
Commitment: 5 weeks
Session: 60 minutes
Days/Time: Fri. 8:00-9:00
Sun. 9:00-10:00, 10:00-11:00, 11:00-12:00, 2:30-3:30, 3:00-4:30
Session limit: 6 hitters per Session