College Recruiting DVD

The Fabius Baseball Academy is pleased to announce a new program to help High School Athletes maximize their opportunity to be recruited by colleges of their choice. A highlight video will provide college coaches and recruiting coordinators the ability to watch each player interested in attending their school. In less than 10 minutes, coaches will be provided complete information regarding the individual along with a professional highlight video showcasing athlete’s athletic abilities. Click on the video to view a clip from a recruiting DVD.

You provide the skills, we will do the rest.

Why a College recruiting DVD

Due to geographic and economic constraints, college coaches unable to attend athletic events of each athlete showing an interest in attending their institution. Evaluations provided by athletes and or parents tend to be bias. A video will allow the coach to evaluate for himself your abilities and skills. A 5 to 10 minute video will provide a coach with enough information to teak his interest to invite the athlete and parents to visit the institution and the possibility of competing in their program.

Cost Effective
Valuable time and finances benefits will be recognized, due to disappointing trips to institutions not in need of athlete’s abilities for present teams requirements.

Incorporated in DVD
• Structured filming session using “State of the Art” digital equipment.
• Personal information about athlete.
• Complete contact information
• Filming from various angles to emphasize athletes agility and skills
• School information, GPA, SAT/ACT scores
• Other interest and School Sports achievements and awards.
• Community Services.

Sessions and DVD Fees

• Two 30 min. training sessions that allow the athlete to become acclimated to the academy’s lighting, synthetic turf and general overall conditions.
• Structured filming session (or sessions) using “State of the Art” digital equipment from a variety of angles to emphasize athletes agility and skills.
• Menu driven format allows seamless navigation of video
• DVD professionally labeled with athletes picture and contact information.
• DVD jacket containing athlete’s pitcher on front with contact info and athletes name on side.

Fee Format
• Two 30 min training sessions. $20.00
• Minimum one hour filming session. $30.00
Each additional 10 minutes @ $5.00. __min. x $5.00= $______ $_____
• 5 minute DVD with jacket. $125.00
Each additional minute @ $25.00. _____ min. x $25.00= $______ $______
• $10.00 per each additional DVD. No.__ x $10.00 = $______ $______
• $100.00 Deposit required at agreement signing. – $100.00

1 DVD with no additional charges = $175.00